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We have been in the “Sound Reinforcement” business for the last 14 years, but it goes back much further than that.

I as the owner of DB Pro Audio have been playing music for the last 43 years. For some reason I was always the guy who took care of setting up and running the sound for the different bands that I have been in. I understand the inner workings of live bands; from all the different instruments to the different personalities of different performers. I speak “Musician”! We know how to make musicians feel comfortable on stage so that they can do their job without worrying about what it sounds like “out front”.

We love music and the people who make the music. To all of us at DB Pro Audio, this is more than a job, it is our passion. We don’t just hook up a bunch of speakers and microphones so that we can make it loud. We build the music; we make the music sound the best it can be.

If you want your event to run smoothly and sound great, give DB Pro Audio a call.

“The Show is on Time and the Sound is on Point”

Experience Counts

We have worked with the industry's best.  Below is a limited list of artists we have worked with over the years - just a few new friends.


B.B. King, Ty Curtis, Curtis Salgado, Leroy Bell, Robby Laws, Too Slim and the Taildraggers, Lloyd Jones, Paul Delay, Norman Sylvester, Paul Biondi.


Kris Kristoferson, Aaron Tippin, Mark Chestnutt, Deana Carter, Keith Anderson, Gloriana, Tracy Laurence, John Michael Montgomery, Darryl Worley, Steve Azar, Buddy Jewel, James House, James Otto, Brian McComas, Aaron Benward, Danielle Peck, Travis Howard, Chance McKinney, Low Cash Cowboys, Amy Clausen.


Atlanta Rhythm Section, America, Hermans Hermits, Little River Band, Uncle Cracker, Saving Able, Greg Rollie (Original singer /songwriter and keyboard player for Santana.), Pat Traverse, Quarterflash, Floater, Ratt, Bullet Boys, Lillian Axe.

Hip Hop

Mike Jones, Yukmouth, Tyga, J-Boog, Taurius Riley, Space Boys.

DB Pro Audio

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